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After a Successful opening of WAFA Foundation, we are now adding the exams for those courses, you just have to attempt the exam and score at least 70% marks to get a certificate. Your certificate will be sent to you on your email address after 3-5 business days of submission the quiz.

Remember you can only attempt Exam once, so take your time and do the best you can.

Notice: Agar apne jo Course parha hai aur uska quiz yaha available nahi hai to aap humme comment section me bata sakte hai ke aapne konsa course kiya hai, hum InshaAllah ek week ke andar andar wo course ka exam add karde ge ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Examination Forms

As on 1st August 2019:

Remember, You have to Score more than 70% Marks in order to claim a Certificate and you will only have one chance to attempt the Exam. You’ll get your Certificate on your Email Address with 3-5 Business Days ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Excel Skills for Business – Essential (Macquarie University): https://forms.gle/2aUiF4uQnNhArLk46
  2. Time Value of Money (University of Michigan): https://forms.gle/zE6Bwi9735kvd1zZA
  3. Grammar and Punctuation (University of California, Irvine): https://forms.gle/ouDp8HK3mZJ8AXqg6
  4. Problem Solving with Excel (PwC): https://forms.gle/iUGTHCu4dkqm4akv7
  5. Data Visualization with Advance Excel (PwC): https://forms.gle/5nYV1mH1rCMPrkt27
  6. Preparing to Manage Human Resources (University of Minnesota): https://forms.gle/ucNT1wXv9sXL7ecNA
  7. Decision Criteria and Application (University of Michigan): https://forms.gle/1JXTvrS1EGDAzjZv7
  8. Bonds and Stock (University of Michigan): https://forms.gle/GNznJ6W1ifABSFgo7
  9. Risk, Return and Valuation (University of Michigan): https://forms.gle/NdrBKddNELrXHLxP7
  10. Understanding Financial Statements: Company Position (University of Illinois, Urbana Campaign): https://forms.gle/6kFhaEdP1iMeyaeXA
  11. Stanford Introduction to Food and Health (Stanford University): https://forms.gle/51CDtgdFjEnu7i4A8
  12. Portfolio Selection and Risk Management (RICE University): https://forms.gle/ZGEe5V5yTsQaj59V7
  13. Ferrous Technology I (Pohang University of Science and Technology): https://forms.gle/Jw7AuFehNocWzx779
  14. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (University of California, Davis): https://forms.gle/6pPWoiERHcGc1irCA
  15. Convolutional Neural Networks (Deeplearning.ai): https://forms.gle/vAdLGVyexsNB1eey6
  16. Neural Networks and Deep Learning (Deeplearning.ai): https://forms.gle/7nNLUVqb3GiPDtf56
  17. What is Data Science (IBM): https://forms.gle/y8SVwEip5x1LARMeA
  18. Introduction to Marketing (University of Pennsylvania): https://forms.gle/ainBjjuPbdD8ndf58
  19. Responsive Web Design (University of London): https://forms.gle/6Mk9bWZnPKwFztXy6
  20. Managing Employee Compensation (University of Minnesota): https://forms.gle/ebK7CYhTqhJRkKVG6

Notice: If the Exam of the Course is not available then you can request for the Exam in the Comment section, we will add that Exam within a week. We are just a team of 4 people that is why it is hard for us to add all exams quickly, So do let us know about the Course you’re enrolled in and we will add that exam within a week, InshaAllah ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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